Bone Builders Class in NorwichIn what may be one of the fastest growing senior health projects anywhere, Green Mountain RSVP’s Bone Builders program has been growing leaps and bounds since its inception in 2004. The first class was held at the Federated Church in East Arlington, and now over 4 years later, there are 31 classes scattered all over southern Vermont. Many of the classes are filled to capacity and there is a need to open more.

The Bone Builders program of weight bearing exercises can play a major part in arresting and reversing the effects of osteoporosis. With regular attendance at a Bone Builders class, attention to diet and appropriate medical care, some Vermont seniors are achieving bone density gains in excess of two per cent a year. For the individual, regularly attending a Bone Builders class translates into greater confidence and mobility, an improved sense of well-being and a reduced likelihood of falls and disabling fractures. Repeat attendance at Bone Builders is very high, and participants value the sociability and camaraderie.

Bone Builders is free to all participants and the classes are open-ended. Green Mountain RSVP invests in its Bone Builders program by providing qualified training for volunteer class leaders, administering the program’s growth, negotiating the donation of suitable exercise space, and pursuing funding for equipment and related materials.

Over the next 12 months we will be working to widen the Bone Builder program to more communities in Windham, Windsor, and Bennington Counties.

Bone Builders Participants Rave About Program

“I’ve made some wonderful friends. I have toned my body a lot and lost weight. I feel very good about my self since I started Bone Builders.”

“Every class is something I enjoy very much. I would not change a thing!”

“I have more energy. I’m more conscious of my breathing. I have more strength and endurance. Exercising with other women keeps me faithful.”

“Due to an auto accident in January 2004, physical activity had become impossible and/or painful. I joined Bone Builders in March 2007 when I felt somewhat better, but was afraid that the class might aggravate my condition. The opposite has happened. I now have much less pain in my lower back & hip.”